Software specialists since 1997

User-friendly applications and service adjusted to the customer; that is what Siteffect in Grimbergen guarantees. The result of more than 20 years of knowhow gained by a complementary team of developers who design and implement software with expert knowledge of the matter.

It all started with (online) marketing and sales support to manufacturers of software and hardware by means of incentives, commercial promotions, loyalty programmes, interactive websites and much more. Upon request of the customers, Olivier Troch and his partners started to develop more and more websites, webshops and specialised business software throughout the years. Experience that meanwhile counts and of which you reap the benefits for your company.

Flexible IT-partner

Today, Siteffect is the reliable partner of SMEs and international leading companies. Our great flexibility and excellent service are a definite contributing factor. As dedicated IT-professionals, we are on stand-by 7/7 and 24/24. The greatest of it all: we go the long distance when it comes to participating in your thoughts. Every wish is considered, every challenge faced. It all revolves around the appropriate software solution for your company.

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